About the author:
My name is Anthony Mathews and I have been happily married since 1988 and have 2 beautiful daughters.
I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1992 with a BS degree in Computer Science. I have 2 AA degrees in computer related areas as well.
I began programming in the 10th grade and have been going ever since.
In college I built and repaired computers for a small computer store.
My first job after graduating was performing computer repair, software support and network management for Procter&Gamble. I quickly began to write software that aided me in managing several hundred IBM computers. I wrote many utilities used to distribute and configure software unattended. This landed me a programming position with GTE, now Verizon, where I was instrumental in building an organization that distributed software remotely, most of which were unattended installs that ran automatically in the evenings. Mean while, on my own time, I wrote a scripting language for DOS using a lot of the utilities I had written previously. As a result, GTE adopted it as their standard distribution tool for software. Since, I have rewritten it for Windows.
I then was promoted and began working on a major WEB application using bleeding edge technology at that time such as spatial mapping and facial recognition. I also wrote all the security for the application by writing an NSAPI module for Netscape's WEB Server. This application was so ahead of it's time it was inducted into the Smithsonian.
After that I left GTE and took a contract position where I wrote a replication server to balance a series of proprietary document storage and retrieval systems that reside all over the world.
I then spent 3 years writing a finite capacity scheduling engine for the manufacturing industry.
After that I spent 3 years working for Jacobs Engineering writing various Enterprise Application Systems for several NASA projects.
Presently I do various contract work as a Systems Architect, most of which are in the military sector with companies like Honeywell and Lockheed Martin.