Below you will find examples of macros that make use of various MacroMaker functionality or demonstrates the way to automate tasks. The macros are in an XML file you download and then import into MacroMaker. If you already have a macro by the same name as the one being imported, MacroMaker will give it a new name and prompt you with a dialog box telling you what it is. If you have a macro that uses the same hotkey as the one you are importing no hotkey will be assigned and you will have to edit the macro and assign the hotkey yourself.
To copy the files you will need to right click on the hyperlink and for Windows select "Save Target As" and on MAC select "Download Linked File".
Shows how to set up an infinte loop and how to give yourself the opportunity to abort the macro during it's execution.
Shows how to copy data from one application and paste it into another.
Shows how to create conditional macros.
Shows how to perform mathematical calculations using MacroMaker variables.
Shows how to use the SEND KEYS command.
Shows how to use special characters when variable expansion is turned on.
Shows how to switch back and forth between applications.
Shows how to move, resize, minimize, maximize, hide and restore windows.
Shows how to use variables.