Frequently asked questions:
Will MacroMaker work in Windows Vista?
MacroMaker has not been formally tested with Windows Vista and there are currently no plans to do so being Microsoft is in the process or building a new operating system and so many people have stayed with XP rather than upgrading to Vista as well as the added complexity with the security model in Vista. However, many people are using MacroMaker with Vista and the only major issue is the lack of ability of MacroMaker to set the necessary system hooks to create recordings. You should be able to use all other functionality. Ocassionaly there are permissions issues that might stop MacroMaker from performing some functions but that is the nature of the Vista environment and the appropriate permissions must be set to allow MacroMaker to perform those functions. This can be confusing as well as set you system at risk if you are not familiar with Vista's security model.
After I execute a macro, I can no longer execute any others or I get strange results when I start typing on the keyboard, what is happening?
One of 2 things could be causing this problem:
  - For every Key (Down) in your macro body you should have an associated Key (Up). If not Windows thinks the key is still being pressed. This can cause strange results when you start pressing other keys.
  - When using the "WAIT FOR WINDOW" command, the macro can't continue until the specified window appears or the time out value you specified has elapsed. During this time no other macros may run, so if you hit a hotkey for another macro nothing will happen.
Where are the macros and recordings stored?
Everything is stored in the registry in the following location:
  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ARM Software\MacroMaker
Each macro has an individual folder bearing itís name stored under the Macros folder found in the path above.

Each recording has an individual folder bearing itís name stored under the Journals folder found in the path above.

Recordings can get too large for one entry in the registry, therefore for long recordings you will see multiple entries under that recording's folder numbered from 0 on up to however many entries were needed to save the entire recording.
How do you play back a recording?
Recordings in and of themselves can do nothing. They just contain the series of events that took place while you were recording. To play them back you must create a macro and use the PLAYBACK RECORDING macro command. When you add a PLAYBACK RECORDING command it will list all the available recordings for you to choose from. Choose your recording, save the macro and press your hotkey and off you go.
When I run MacroMaker I get the error: "Can't find SHLWAPI.DLL". Why?
Some older version of Windows did not come with this DLL. It must be copied to your Windows\System32 or WINNT\System32 directory depending on the operating system you are using. You can go to Microsoft and download the most recent version of Internet Explorer and when you install it you will get this file in the install.
How do I stop a macro or recording?
Macros have to run until completion. A feature to terminate a macro during execution will be added in an upcoming version. Recordings, that are being played back by a macro, can be terminated by pressing Ctrl-Esc or Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
When I try to download MacroMaker I get garbage, whats wrong?
If you are using Netscape you may have to hold the shift key while clicking the download link.
When loading MacroMaker I get an error reading the registry, why?
When running MacroMaker, the login ID you used to login to Windows must have admin rights. I did this because large companies were using my software without my permission and I am a firm believer that companies should pay for software.
When I use a variable in a command that I have previously given a value to I get either an error or the literal name of the variable. Why?
Make sure that "Variable Expansion" is on under "Options" on the main window and also when you want to use the value of a variable in a command you must enclose the variable name in square brackets, i.e. [Variable].
When I use press CTRL + ESC or CTRL + ALT + DEL the macro will not stop. Why?
For now you have to have the "Word or Phrase" triggers enabled under "Options" in order to break out of a macro. This is something I hope to change in the near future.
When I run MacroMaker I get a error that states it can not find a specific dll. Why?
Sometimes the Microsoft redistributable files do not get loaded when Windows is installed. Go to the "Having trouble with Windows installer or just want to install MacroMaker by hand" section on this site and download and execute the install for the Windows redistributable files.