This is the speech that introduced an historic event: the very first organized public burning of social security cards.

    The Libertarian Party and our supporters are here to demonstrate in support of a voluntary social security system.  We're graced with the presence of Lady Liberty, to help us in asking that Americans be liberated from the Social Security system and to burn our social security cards.
    It is not necessary or desirable to chop-off elderly citizens who are currently relying on Social Security.  We do not wish to see any senior citizen dining on dog food or going without clothing or shelter.  Such tragedies are the very reason why we demonstrate for a voluntary social security system, so that others may be spared such a fate, a fate that has been caused by the very social security system that was expected to prevent it.  People are living in poverty BECAUSE their money has been squandered by social security.
    When a social security recipient shops for groceries or any goods or services, he pays for his own social security benefits and the social security benefits of others that have been passed right back to him through the price of the goods or services.  All businesses and all workers pass on the cost of social security deductions by asking for raises, by increasing the prices of goods and services or by any other means.  Social security recipients also pay for the passed on costs of the many other taxes besides social security.  This is why social security recipients are in a continual race to catch-up with the ever-increasing passed-on costs of the very taxes that purport to aid them.
    In addition to luring the elderly into this never-ending trap, social security undermines all other forms of support upon which the elderly could rely.  Social security has undermined family relationships, telling people "Don't worry about grandma or grandpa, the government will take care of them."  But the government doesn't, -it can't.  The government reduces social security benefits on the basis of any outstanding income or aid that a recipient receives.  It attempts to take the television given to a blind girl.  It forces it's participants to take part in fraud.  A fraud where the rules continually change during the game.  It forces the participants to live their lives in anxiety, never certain whether they will receive a return on their money and under what conditions.
    For American workers social security is a deduction from their pay that may exceed their income tax deductions.  It is a deduction that is not invested in the private economy where it would create jobs, but is instead immediately sent out to recipients, making a lie out of the claim that there are "TRUST FUNDS" for each card holder.  If workers were given the freedom to spend their own money, they would immediately recognize a large raise and would be able to pursue investment plans that would overwhelm any benefits they could ever hope to receive from social security.
    Social security is not a solution, it is the problem. 
    It is a program founded on the idea that people are incapable of taking care of themselves, and is thus an insult to every cardholder.  It is also an insult as it presumes that cardholders don't have the intelligence to recognize the fraud that social security is.  Politicians can not make a rational human mind believe that social security is that which it is not.  Social Security is not an investment program.  Social security does not maintain trust funds.  Social security is not salvageable, it is bankrupt.
    Of all the cards in your wallet, your social security must be the most useless.  It's not even plastic, so it's not even useful for scrapping frost off your windshield.  --but someday it will be plastic.  And it will have your photograph and thumbprint on it and you will be required to carry it, and the government will require that you use it to facilitate the government's desire to totally control your life.
    But today, it is mainly the means by which a terrible fraud is perpetrated upon American individuals.  A fraud that is so bad that we are willing to burn our cards, and say to the government, that we will not accept any return on the money that has been taken from us, they can keep our money, if they just do not take any more and free us from social security, by making participation voluntary.  That's how bad social security is.
    The lady liberty will put her torch to our cards to show how desperately we want to escape from social security.

social security card numbers burning socialist slave numbers nazi numbers

What is your security number? Under the Department of Homeland Security's police state (DHS) the security number that is used to dictate social control is your social security number. Because of Social Security, every American is born into slavery, with numbers assigned to infants. It is an impoverishing scheme that tracks your home, workplace, income, finances, etc., for life and steals all the way, in the "SS" scheme (socialist slavery). Social Security was imposed at the height of the power of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  It was designed for a police state system of social security for the government by tracking every American's movements, residence, employment, jobs, income, and eventually all purchases and activities, including travel. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) imposes social security controls in the USSA through the Nazi numbering system today.

SOCIAL SECURITY CARD NUMBERS MUST STOP - burning socialist slave card

Join the nationwide burn parties to end the social security scam and to burn your socialist slave card in Lady Liberty's torch with Libertarians everywhere.  Host your own burn party with the resources linked below. 

Stop Socialist Slavery
 & end your Nazi number.

It is the "We Eat Our Young" card.
Socialist Slave number image
Social Security Card Numbers must end - my Nazi Number is 262-00-6302


Social security reform should be opposed, in favor of the libertarian solution: end the scam and its Nazi numbering.

The biggest threat is ignored: Reforms will nationalize everything. If all SS taxes had been invested in stocks, then the government would own the entire economy today.  Everyone is lucky that his stolen money was squandered.

The biggest outrage is ignored: that Americans are numbered as infants for  lifetime surveillance.

The public obsesses about fine-tuning the theft program.

National numbering was imposed in 1935, as the USA followed the path of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis). The federal government was growing massively and attempting to nationalize the economy in many ways.  The pledge of allegiance to the USA's flag had its original straight-arm salute created by Francis Bellamy (an advocate of nationalization and a self-proclaimed national socialist in the USA) and it was the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.   Government was taking over schools and imposing segregation by law and teaching racism as official policy. Laws required daily robotic chanting of the pledge upon the ring of a government bell, like Pavlov's lapdogs of the state. 

After German Nazism fell, the USA's government schools continued segregation and racism, stopping in the 1960's.  The USA also continued its Nazi numbering and its robotic pledge, with no stopping.

Today, the USA numbers babies, and government schools demand the numbers for enrollment, and the numbers track homes, workplaces, incomes, finances, and more, for life.  School laws still tout the daily pledge, a bizarre ritual shunned by every other country. 

The pledge of allegiance and the SS scam were both touted by the pledge’s author, who advocated “military socialism” and a government takeover of schools in order to produce an “industrial army” to nationalize everything (including people via national numbering). It is now the cornerstone of the USA’s police state.

(~250 words)

    As an attorney, I am asked if it is wise (or constitutional) for the U.S. government to number all youngsters and then steal their savings away for others via the so-called “social security program.”  The program  would have been struck down as unconstitutional but for the guile of the U.S.’s worst president, the socialist F.D.R., and a craven Supreme Court justice.

Is there only one Judge in the USA who has the courage to publicly say that social security is unconstitutional?  Justice Janice Rogers Brown of the California Supreme Court (and nominated to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) said "Today’s senior citizens blithely cannibalize their grandchildren because they have a right to get as much 'free' stuff as the political system will permit them to extract..."

At this time, I am the only person warning of the danger of nationalization and totalitarianism in the SS reform proposal.

As the first person and the only person to organize a public burning of social security cards, I am proud to continue the libertarian fight.  The only place with a photo of the historic event is

Even the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, has been duped by propaganda. What is it about the phrase "the government will manage the investment of the funds" that some libertarians don't understand?  It is not privatization, it is nationalization. It will destroy liberty quicker than school vouchers.  Bush's nationalization of all industry is as lengthy, monstrous and incomprehensble as was Hillary's attempted nationalization of the medical industry.  And when retirement occurs, the government proves that it owns the money by dribbling out only as much as social security would have provided, as if the plan is a perverted annuity scam.  If that weren't terrorizing enough, its proponents act as if they are completely ignorant of the nationalization danger.

The "Burn Party" for socialist slave cards was inspired by the burning of draft cards in the 1960's. Socialist slave cards are the modern draft cards, and they are much worse. That only one public burning of SS cards has ever occurred is more proof of the capitulation of Amercians to socialism, to the police-state and to the surrender of liberty.

If the antidisestablishmentarianism does not end, then the USA's police state will worsen.

The most widespread example of the police state in the USA is the impoverishing social security system and its socialist slavery.
That is why social security numbers are known as Nazi numbers.

It was the same path that led to the socialist "Wholecaust" (of which the Holocaust was a part) with the socialist trio of horrid atrocities: the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with 62 million killed; the Peoples' Republic of China, 35 million; the National Socialist German Workers' Party, 21 million.    After the National Socialist German Workers' Party slaughter, the same genocidal socialist policies continued under the U.S.S.R. and the P.R.C.

Instead of being a beacon of freedom, the USA is still showing Nazism to the world. 

The world is owed an apology for the horrid influence that government had (and still has in many ways) inside the U.S. and out in promoting socialized schools, military socialism within government schools, the creation of industrial armies, Nazi numbering, and daily robotic pledges of allegiance in military formation (that spread the infamous straight-arm salute).
HISTORIC PHOTO only here of the first public burning of social security cards to end socialist slave numbers (by mythbuster Rex). Stop Social Security

Wear your socialist slave number on your identification bracelet (handcuff) as intended under social security

THE U.S. IS PRODUCING DRAFT CARDS - your social security card is your draft card. wake up.

SOCIAL SECURITY IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL - from the worst President, the socialist F.D.R. & his Depression.

PHOTO CONTESTS - send in old pics and make new ones to celebrate the best burn party photos.

SAMPLE FLYER - this notice was used for a social security card burn party covered in many newspapers.

SAMPLE SPEECH - this speech introduced a social security card burn party.

YOUR SOCIALIST SLAVE # - (your social security #) came from the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

SOCIAL SECURITY # TATTOOS - some people are already getting them. When will you get yours?

SOCIALIST SLAVE T-SHIRTS - wear your own popular shirt (front) (back) to tell everyone the truth.

SOCIAL INSECURITY CARDS - if you already burned or lost your card, then burn these from Wisconsin.

SOCIALIST SLAVE # BUMPER STICKERS - go with your car tag, VIN & eventual G.I. transponder.

LICENSE PLATES - car tags to help track you by two of your many different socialist slave numbers.

RUBBER STAMP TATTOOS - use a rubber stamp to "tattoo" every slave at your burn party. Socialist Slave image

SOCIALIST SLAVE LAPEL TAGS in .PDF - "My socialist slave number is ___" as shirt labels.

SOCIALIST SLAVE BUMPER STICKERS - ties it into the national socialist philosophy.

HELLO! - My Socialist Slave number is..... -another convention-style sticker for publicity stunts.

SOCIAL SECURITY TOILET  PAPER - you've finally found a good use for your socialist slave card!!!! social security

SOCIAL SECURITY UNIVERSAL BARCODES - for scanning you & to keep you in line.

CUSTOM NECK TIES -  "My socialist slave number is _______" in a classy design for professionals.

THE SNTSS SUPERHERO - you can be the "Say No to Socialist Slavery" superhero and have fun too!

AUGUST 14 - the day the socialist slave system was imposed nationwide in 1935.

SEPTEMBER 1 (LABOR DAY) - Workers break the chains of the SS scam & their socialist slave numbers.

GRANDPARENT'S DAY - Senior citizens help to stop the social security scam every September.

DECEMBER 1 - the day the first socialist slave number was forced upon a free individual in 1936.

DECEMBER - as an attorney, I explain how Social Security darkened the month of December.

SAMPLE MEDIA LETTER - an example of a letter to the media for announcing burn parties.

INTERNET SEARCH RESULTS - show the prevalence of anti-slavery phrases

MILLION MAN MARCH - imagine a million socialist slave cards burning at once in Washington D.C.

SOCIAL SECURITY KILLS - the theft prevents people from buying health insurance and healthcare.

"Under the [President's Social Security] proposal, workers could invest as much as 4 percent of their wages subject to Social Security taxation in a limited assortment of stock, bond and mixed-investment funds. But the government would keep and administer that money. Upon retirement, workers would then be given any money that exceeded inflation-adjusted gains over 3 percent." (Washington Post, Thursday)   And if that isn't terrorizing enough, wait till it goes through the legislative compromise mill and the loaf is pinched out the other end.

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