During the holidays give the gift of freedom, and join libertarians to end the social security scam. December 1 is when the socialist slave system began numbering Americans in 1936. Local protestors will meet at (insert time and location). Nationwide, individualists will call for an end to the impoverishing system by wearing T-shirts and temporary tattoos that scornfully announce  “My Socialist Slave Number is my Social Security Number!” -denouncing the sickening nine-digit pattern. Socialist slave number tattoos will be available for free to everyone as well as social security toilet paper. People will publicly burn their socialist slave cards, just as draft cards used to be burned.  Others will hand out "Social Insecurity Cards" that mock the system. (examples of all of the above can be viewed at rexcurry.net).
    Social Security is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated.  It is a welfare scheme that steals from the youngest and neediest, and gives to people who are financially better off, including the non-working wealthy. It is the path to a police state.  Fight Antidisestablishmentarianism!  Give the greatest gift of all: freedom.