Social Security is Unconstitutional and Social Security Card Numbers
social security is unconstitutional. social security card numbers swastika socialism police state
Social Security Card Numbers for security of the USA's police state
Social Security Tattoos are related to Flag Tattoos & Fanaticism. and
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"Social Security" is a scary reminder of its origin in the same scam imposed by the National Socialist German Workers Party.
It is a scary reminder of tattooing that was forced upon people persecuted under German National Socialism. It is still related to swastika tattoos, swastika fetishism, and the "Socialist Slavery" symbolized by the overlapping S-letters of the swastika under the National Socialist German Workers Party. See adults-only graphic images at 

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Hawaii Reporter

Social Security is Unconstitutional Socialist Slavery
By Rex Curry, 11/24/2003 4:06:49 AM

During the holidays give the gift of freedom, and join libertarians to end the social security scam. December is the month when the socialist slave system began numbering Americans in 1936.

In public protests, people wear T-shirts that declare "My Socialist Slave Number is my Social Security Number!" Other's wear temporary tattoos of the sickening nine-digit pattern as their socialist slave number. People have publicly burned their cards, just as draft cards used to be burned. Others hand out social security toilet paper and "Social Insecurity Cards." -- All are at

As the first person to burn his own social security card in a public protest against the system (see photo at, I am happy to see the protests grow.

As an attorney, I am asked if it is wise (or constitutional) for the government to number all youngsters and then steal their savings away for others via social security. The program would have been struck down as unconstitutional but for the guile of the U.S.'s worst president, the socialist F.D.R., and craven supreme court justices cowed by a court-packing scheme.

Though all of those justices (and F.D.R.) are long gone, the Court has never reversed it's humiliating disgrace. It is not too late. The Social Security Act cases rank in the top ten for the Supreme Court's most shameful decisions.

Social Security is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. It steals from the youngest and neediest, and gives to people who are better off, including the non-working wealthy. It is the cornerstone of the police state.

For details of why social security should be unconstitutional go to

Rex Curry, Attorney At Law, is a resident of Tampa, Fl., and can be reached at: reports the real news, and prints all editorials submitted, even if they do not represent the viewpoint of the editors, as long as they are written clearly. Send editorials to

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AUGUST 14 - the day the socialist slave system was imposed nationwide in 1935.
SEPTEMBER 1 (LABOR DAY) - Workers break the chains of the SS scam & their socialist slave numbers.
GRANDPARENT'S DAY - Senior citizens help to stop the social security scam every September.
DECEMBER 1 - the day the first socialist slave number was forced upon a free individual in 1936.
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