On Grandparent’s Day, good grandparents join Libertarians and Objectivists nationwide to end the impoverishing social security scam.   They wear T-shirts, temporary tattoos, and bumper stickers that scornfully announce “My Socialist Slave Number is my Social Security Number!” -denouncing the sickening nine-digit pattern.   People have publicly burned their socialist slave cards, just as draft cards used to be burned. Others hand out "Social Insecurity Cards" that mock the system. There is a nationwide contest for the best photos. (examples of all of the above can be viewed at http://rexcurry.net).  
    Real grandparents don't steal from their families and justify it as wealth redistribution for their benefit. Yet, many grandparents rationalize the same theft when it is done by government.   
Government debt, social security, and other socialist programs have taught older adults to make others pick up old tabs.  It is a fortunate child whose grandparent works to end socialist slavery.  
    Social Security is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. It is a welfare scheme that steals from the youngest and neediest, and gives to people who are financially better off, including the non-working wealthy. It is the path to a police state. Fight Antidisestablishmentarianism! Let’s end it now.