Http:// is the first (or one of the first) to use some of the phrases below to end social security numbers (socialist slave numbers) on the internet, according to internet searches.  Rex is the first person to publicly burn his own social security card in a group protest in public to end the scam and its socialist slave numbers and the photo is at    The famous photo of the public card burning event was posted first by and still points only to in internet searches.  Are the search results more evidence that libertarian traits of individualism and defiance of government are near zero, compared with socialist traits of regimentation and submission to government (e.g. numbering people from birth and tracking their movements, income and employment for life, while stealing from them)? To learn more about how to fight the sick socialist slave number visit:   The numbers to the right give the web results first, group results second.   Most of the results are off topic (the phrases are usually not used to refer to ending the social security scam).

“My Socialist Slave number”     27,   15   (All of these uses originated from my socialist slave number is.....

“say no to SSNs”                  0, 0
“repeal SSNs”                       0, 0
“down with SSNs”                0, 0
“abolish SSNs”                      0, 2
“just say no to SSNs”            0, 2
“Stop SSNs”                         2,  0
“end SSNs”                           1,  2
“No SSNs”                          123,   58
“no social security numbers”   884,   336

“say no to SSN”                   0,  3
“repeal SSN”                       1, 1
“down with SSN”                0, 0
“abolish SSN”                      2, 0
“just say no to SSN”            0,  1
“Stop SSN”                         14, 2
“end SSN”                           32, 21
“No SSN”                            4940,    2070
"no social security number"    5410,   13500

“down with social security”               7,   2
“just say no to social security”           9,   1
“say no to social security”                  34, 12
“repeal social security”                      502,   77
“abolish social security”                     338,   425
“Stop social security”                        322,    161
“end social security”                          677,   521
“No social security”                           24,800     16,600