Cedar Key Small Boat Meet

May 5th and 6th - 2006

Saturday afternoon in front of the Island Place!


Jim Brown (designer of the Sea Runner Trimarans) talks with Bill Fite.


Bernard's lovely hand made sloop.


Saturday morning on Atseana Otie Key.


 Michael Burwell's Marsh Hen on Aetsena Otie on Saturday.


Jim and Ron sailing Whisper on Saturday morning.


Bahama Dinghy from the Cortez Maritime Museum.


Bahama Dinghy sailing.


Steve Bailey's restored SeaPearl near Snake Key.


Becky enjoying her ride on Whisper.


Bill Fite and Ed Combs on the beach at the Island Place.


Suncat and small cat at the Island Place.


Alan Hall's Drascombe Coaster leaving the beach at Snake Key.


Interesting Tri made out of a CLC Kayak kit!